About Us


Advocates raise a million for the Muslim world and the missionary work of the Assemblies of God in Latin America around the world.
The main purpose is to engage advocates, who already are, as they are in power, to pray for missions, and in the singular, by falling barriers, spiritual, and cultural and traditional hampering progress the gospel among the Islamic countries and other religious blocs.


Develop a strong network of intercession continental cooperate with national movements missionaries of the Assemblies of God in Latin America in the effort made to reach with the gospel to the ends of the earth and the Muslim World.

Philosophy and profile of the project:

This project will encourage people to pray for Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth, but especially by the Muslim World. Also raise an army of intercessors that bring about change (“Intercession / Prayer gives God the moral right to intervene in the affairs of men” (Prince Gunaratnem – Malaysia).
The project is based on four pillars:

  1. The effective and efficient advocacy main task to carry out the missionary vision. Like any ministry, intercession is never random or improvised. The spiritual being is not in opposition to the intelligence and faith, or is divorced from common sense. Intercession should be spiritual, but also rational and systematic (2 nd. Corinthians 20:1-12).
  2. A smooth and good communication. A well-managed information is an essential resource and should be specific, directed, consistent with the truth of the Word (Nh 1:1-11).
  3. The life of the intercessor. The life of the advocate must be full, committed to the cause of the Gospel, keeping in subjection and obedience to their church and leadership.
  4. The Holy Spirit’s guidance. The intercession need to be motivated by information, but also guided by the Spirit (Romans 8:26).

A brief statement of Christian faith.

THERE IS ONLY ONE true and living God who is Spirit and Creator of all spirits, whether human or angelic, and the whole vast universe that science has revealed. He alone is eternal and self-existent, depending on everything else from Him is present in the universe in all places and at all times, but is disclosed in specific places and times. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament (the Torah, the Injil Zabur and) is the highest record of this revelation that God gives us himself.

Currently there are true copies of the books of the Old Testament in the original Hebrew language before the Christian era, and the books of the New Testament in Greek 300 years before the Christian era (ie, several centuries before the Prophet Muhammad ). The translations of the Bible are based on these historic documents. There are slight variations between different ancient copies (manuscripts, codices, etc.) but are insignificant. There is not the slightest evidence that Jews or Christians have deliberately altered the Scriptures, or that there existed a Torah or Injil different in the time that Muhammad said: “There is only one God, living and eternal God. The has sent you the book that contains the truth, confirming the Scriptures that preceded it. Before lowered the Pentateuch and the Gospel, to serve as a guide for men “(Sura 3.1-2).
The fact that God is one, is the basic foundation of the Torah of Moses. In the Injil is repeated several times this principle has always been the faith of Christians. At the same time, the experience of the first disciples to observe the life of Jesus and hear his words led to the conviction that He was, in a special sense divine: “My Lord and my God” are the words of one of them.

Furthermore, when after Jesus’ ascension into heaven and in accordance with its clear promise, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples who were waiting, they saw that God was at work among men without being seen, not only as a power or influence, but personally. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is a person.

Christians have traditionally spoken of three Persons in one God, the Holy Trinity, but in this case, the word “person” should not be understood in its common sense. The divine persons are linked together in the unity of the Trinity more closely than I ever could they be human beings. No earthly analogy could adequately explain what is the divine Trinity. Therefore not surprising that the human mind is incapable of fully understanding the mystery of our wonderful God who is true to Ghaib (Escondido).

Our ability to understand its grandeur and mystery is so limited as that may have a cat (to use a familiar illustration) to understand what I do when I read a book, or I start to pray. But no explanation of the Trinity is valid unless affirms the unity of God.

God sent his prophets through the ages to reveal His will to mankind and something about his nature, and to call to repentance and obedience. But when the right time came, God Himself took human form in the person of Jesus, the son of Mary. This he did to erase his deity and appear to be a man, but to human nature and the divine were wonderfully combined in one person. When I called the Son of God does not refer to his miraculous conception, and that He is Son of God from all eternity, and it would be blasphemy to think that somehow God had assumed a glorious body to have physical relations with a human person, Mary by holier than outside it.

That title is a metaphor that speaks of him being in the nature of his Father (like human children) but is closer to the heart of God. As a man, Jesus was hungry, thirsty and tired, felt sad, he was tempted, suffered and died. At the same time, through his perfect life, was what God wanted him humans. As a true God manifested the glory of God through his whole life and resurrection triumphed over death. By suffering for humanity, offering himself as the perfect sacrifice for human sin, revealed the amazing love of God, for love, by its very nature, involves suffering, and a loving God must also be a suffering God. Therefore, the cross is a symbol so significant for Christians. A disciple of Christ can say, “He loved me and gave himself for me.” This sacrificial love has been a tremendous motivation for the love and service among its followers.

Why did he suffer? Because from Adam men and women are sinners and have rebelled against God’s sake, so they have earned their trial.

Neither good works nor voluntary suffering, can compensate for the sins of anyone, even if it just appears to be. Only the sacrifice of a perfect man, who is God himself will be enough to erase their sins. By removing the transgressions of the way, the sacrifice of Christ restores the link between God and man, so that it can receive the gift of God which is the free forgiveness and eternal life.

Only through faith can receive God’s amazing grace that Christ offers us. This faith, however, is not just about believing with the intellect: it also means to trust in Jesus with all my heart and consecrated to our will. Thus we see that it is not, as some have said, that the atonement of Christ gives us free rein to go out and sin again. Rather, she transforms us into new people, so we have no more desire to sin.

The new life in Christ brings the gift of the Holy Spirit, who comes into our lives and gradually produces in us the qualities of Jesus Christ: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. But for this, we must cooperate actively and use the means God has given us to grow spiritually, the worship together with other Christians, personal prayer, Bible study and intelligent meditation, not the mere repetition of his words. The Holy Spirit gives us strength to serve Christ and clothes us special gifts that we can use to help others and to build Christian community.

Finally, the day promised that God will intervene again in the history of man through the glorious return of Jesus Christ, which will put an end to this era, and this world as we know it will disappear. The Christian hopes, either at the time, or after his death, living in the immediate presence of God without being besieged by the power and presence of sin, in that heavenly kingdom where all evil is gone, and where the people enjoy God for all eternity of perfect vision of beauty.

From the book: MUSLIMS TO FIND CHRIST / R. F. Wootton.
Original title: Jesus, More Than a prophet.