30 Days of Prayer

RAMADAN 2013: July 9 – August 7

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30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Welcome to the 20th Annual Focus 30 days of prayer by Muslims. Coincides each year with Ramadan (Holy month of fasting in Islam) This prayer movement (now coordinated from France and previously in Australia) called on Christians to make a concerted effort and considered during this time to learn, pray and power reaching Muslims in the street and around the world.

It is not our intention with this prayer focus disparage Islam or the feelings of Muslims in any way. However, as Christians, we long for everyone in the world have the opportunity to understand the Grace of God incarnate in Jesus Christ. To this end, we learn, pray, and support respectful opportunities for grace is also known among Muslims.

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Prayer Guide
Day 1 –
We encourage believers to repent of all non-Christian attitudes towards Muslims. Be faithful to the truth of God, Jesus focuses on their interaction with Muslims and be honest and prudent in his words and testimony.

Day 2 –
Continue to pray on the same line yesterday. It is important to establish a good basis for the next 28 days.

Day 3 –
Pray for the people in the city of Mecca, the spiritual center of the Islamic world. Millions of Muslims around the world face Mecca during their five daily prayers.

Day 4 –
Pray for the approximately 150 major tribes in Saudi Arabia.

Day 5 –
Pray for those who seek political freedom in the Middle East and North Africa through revolutions, are also spiritual freedom in Christ.

Day 6 –
Pray for Nikolai to Pakistan. They are very isolated and without reaching. There are approximately 410,000 people a number.

\Day 7 –
New York City is home to more than 100 mosques and hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Pray that the Muslims there are achieved.

Day 8 –
Pray for the Moroccan port city of Al Jadida, home to 150,000 residents mostly Muslims.

Day 9 –
Pray for Awan of Pakistan and India. This group of people are about 4.8 million.

Day 10 –
Pray for the Hindu Balrampur district, which borders Nepal. 40% of the population there is Muslim, and the rest are Hindu.

Day 11 –
Pray for the residents in the Palestinian territories combined, those living in Gaza and the West Bank, nearly 4 million people.

Day 12 –
Pray for the men attending prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which is 3 holiest site in Islam.

Day 13 –
Pray specifically for Muslim women. Pray for these women to encounter Christ through friends, radio, literature and other media.

Day 14 –
Pray for those affected by the floods of 2010 in Pakistan. So far, more than 20 million people have needed humanitarian aid.

Day 15 –
Pray that God’s knowledge comes from the Arabs of the Arabian Gulf and the large populations of foreign workers there.

Day 16 –
Pray for the basic needs of the Libyans, whose country is in crisis. Both Christians and Muslims are seeing difficulties.

Day 17 –
Pray for the Islanders Kang of Indonesia, whose number is 135,000

Day 18 –
Pray for Indonesia’s Kerinci are 260,000

Day 19 –
Pray for Shiite Muslims. This group within Islam represents 10-15% of Muslims in the world.

Day 20 –
Of the 28 million Malaysians, more than 60% are Muslims. Pray to be impacted for Christ.

Day 21 –
Moscow, the capital of Russia, has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Estimates range from 400,000 to 3 million. Pray for these residents.

Day 22 –
Pray for the Muslims of Tajikistan and Christian workers, both foreign and local, who are trying to reach the lost with the gospel.

Day 23 –
Pray for Shuwa Arabs in Chad. These 1.5 million people do not know Christ.

Day 24 –
Pray for the Chinese Christians who have the vision to reach Muslims in their nation with the message of Christ.

Day 25 –
Pray for the city of Istanbul. Of the 12.8 million residents, most are at least nominal Muslims.

Day 26 –

Today is the “Night of Power” Islamic. Pray that tonight reverent, God will reveal Himself to Muslims who seek the truth.

Day 27 –
Pray for Muslims and Christians alike in the five former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Day 28
Pray for the Turks, almost exclusively Muslim, living in Berlin. The city is sometimes referred to as the largest Turkish city outside Turkey.

Day 29 –
Pray for the Qizilbash of Afghanistan. There are a number of 300,000 people

Day 30 –
Please pray for prayer regional coordinators of this effort around the world. “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world” has a strong logistics performance, and prayer for those directly involved in the disclosure is a necessity.
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