Why Adopt a People Group?

A people group is adopted when it is not an adequate number of believers (no church or a very small) and / or needed resources to evangelize this ethnic group from the outside (cultural support). For example:
1. Ethnicity has not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in an understandable manner in their own language.
2. Ethnicity has not responded to believe that Jesus is the only way to God.
3. Ethnicity does not have a self-reproducing church.
4. Ethnicity does not have the Bible translated into their own language, either printed or on tape, if people are illiterate, or if there are legal impediments to the distribution of the Bible.

Because it is a mandate Mt 28:19 (define ethnicity)
Because there are people who have not heard the gospel nor hear, but do something (unreached people group is where they have not heard) (the crowds weary and scattered, Luke 1:78-79 and Eph. 2:12).
Because we have the resources (unreached people group is a church that does not have strong enough and with the necessary resources)
Because we receive blessing (Gen. 12:1-3)
Because it is Biblical to take (Eph. 1:5)
Because it is an effective way of reaching the world (I Cor. 12)

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For information on how to start advocacy movements and / or range of ethnic groups such as adopting a Muslim context, write to: info@seapartedelmillon.org